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How to Find The Best Clothing Manufacturers for Startups - Power Sweet Fashion

So you're thinking of starting your own clothing business but don't know how to find the best clothing manufacturers for startups.

It's very challenging, I agree!

Especially when you start searching Google, Youtube, Bing, or Yahoo, and you are facing a mountain of results, including articles, blog posts, or videos.

It seems even harder and may convince you to give up before even starting, right?

"Sometimes it's not hard to find, it's hard to choose, and for you to choose, you need to find"

Makes sense? Well, let me explain...

Finding clothing manufacturers for startups is a lot easier than CHOOSING clothing manufacturers because all you need to do is to go to Google and type " Clothing manufacturers for startups" in the search bar.

You will find tons and tons of information, including posts, social posts, and listings as well.

But when it comes to choosing a clothing manufacturer, it can be insanely challenging and risky.

So we recommend this post about How to choose the best clothing manufacturer for your business or startup.

Now let's talk about FINDING clothing manufacturers for startups...

To make a long story short, we broke it down to easy 5 tips that will help you find the best clothing manufacturer for you, and here they are:

1.Research the Clothing Manufacturer

Before you decide to work with a specific clothing manufacturer, you must ensure that this clothing factory exists in the first place.

Unfortunately, many scammers build a beautiful-looking website and add some nice images and videos, which convince you that it is related to Nike or Channel.

You contact them and ask for a quotation for one or two of your styles.

They get back to you with a pretty good quotation when you decide to start production.

When you receive your stock, which may take 1-2 months, you get shocked by the rotten fabric, specks of dirt all over your stock, and low quality that aren't accepted to be worn by your pets.

What Happened?

Well, sadly, this scammer gave your order to a real factory that has no standers or quality control so that he/she can get a commission out of the clothing manufacturer and from you as well.

By the way, this is a real case that happened to one of our current clients at Power Sweet Clothing Manufacturer when she was starting her clothing line.

That's why researching your clothing manufacturer is the most important step in building and growing your clothing business.

So here is a simple checklist for you to help you ensure the clothing manufacturer exists:

* Make sure they have business emails such as

* Check their social media accounts such as Instagram

* Go FaceTime with them inside the clothing manufacturer and ask to see the factory team.

* Make sure the clothing manufacturer has an official location.

* Require an official agreement before you begin working with any clothing manufacturer.

2.Find a clothing manufacturer that offers Low MOQ (Minimum order quantity)

Especially when you're starting your clothing business, a clothing manufacturer with low MOQ is crucial for your success.

With a low order quantity, you can test the market and see whether your styles are selling well or not.

At Power Sweet Fashion, clients have the freedom to place orders as low as 50 per style.

3.Search Linkedin for better and faster results

LinkedIn is the world's best platform for B2B businesses, but it can also be very beneficial when looking for the best clothing manufacturer for your business.

The process is simple; you just need to go to the LinkedIn search bar and type in terms like #clothingmanufacturer #clothingfactory #apparelfactory

4.Search for a clothing manufacturer that specializes in your desired styles

One of the biggest mistakes startups makes to work with a clothing manufacturer without ensuring they are specializing in their desired styles, such as:

Dress manufacturer/factory

Men clothing

Women clothing

Children clothing

Pets clothing

Do you get the point?

Last but not least, it's better not to rely on Facebook groups when doing your research, as you will be facing a tornado of scammers and little or no value at all.

Do you need help with your startup and want to save your time and money and start right now?

Then contact Power Sweet Clothing Manufacturer, and let them take the pressure off your back.

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