About Power Sweet

Powersweet is a high-end fast fashion women clothing factory with 14 years of experience in the market place and in the fashion industry.

It is the final stop for on line fashion labels including labels by bloggers, designers and fashion lovers. Setting up strict quality control standard and mature pricing system, we differ from others in understanding in trend and quick action along process of trend analysis,fabric sourcing,sampling and bulk production.


We are not the same like any other factories you've worked with before.  Why? 


At Powersweet we work very fast and do everything efficiently with zero mistakes that can bother our dear clients and that can also have a bad effect on their businesses and sales growth. We also follow the Japanese method of Continuous improvement (Kaizen)  to make sure that we are only giving the best to our clients that can help them win their customer loyalty.

We have built and grew many brands 85% in Australia, 5 Big brands in U.S. and 23% in the UK

If you wish to be the next brand, grow your business or save your time, money, and headaches chasing other factories, Contact as and we will be with you shortly.