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We Guarantee you to get your stock done and sent right to your doorstep within just 5 Days. We take a complete responsibility of your production process starting with fabric sourcing all the way to shipping and delivery.

Why Us


Fabric Producing & Designing 

Powersweet Clothing Factory is offering their clients the peace of mind as there is no time wasting on fabric sourcing and the uncertainty of finding your exact desired fabrics as we're producing all and any kinds of fabric you wish for.

50-100 Pieces


We help and support our clients to grow their businesses and test the market by giving them the freedom to place as low MOQ as 50-100 pieces. 

5 Days Only For Production

Most of our clients at first thought that we were crazy or saying that only for attention grabbing but when we started to grow and support their businesses they were delighted as they have doubled their monthly profits. 

2-3 Days Only For Shipping 

As the speed of our production process is insanely fast we must offer you the best and fastest shipping which is 3 days only to get your stock right to you doorstep. 

Step Inside Powersweet

Styles Done By Powersweet

" Powersweet is the backbone of online fashion labels including labels by bloggers, designers and fashion Influencers. Setting up strict quality control standard and mature pricing system, we differ from others in the speed of production, fabric producing and designing, High quality and fast sampling based on your exact desires ."

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