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  • What are your minimums?
    We will work with minimums as low as 50 pcs per style and color BUT with different sizes. We are proud to offer some of the lowest minimum order quantities in the industry and are passionate about helping new designers start their brands successfully.
  • What is your lead time?
    5 Days ! Our lead time depends on a lot of factors, BUT we can produce 100,000 pieces in just 7 days
  • Can you give me a price quote by email?
    We can give a price quote once we have your pattern, tech pack, and fabric in hand. If you do not have a pattern we can create a pattern for you, and we are be able to give you a price quote on your garment before making samples so you don't waste your time.
  • How long does it take to receive my stock?
    It takes 2-3 days to receive your stock right to your doorstep which will help you to standout in the market place by offering your customers the best quality and speed.
  • What clothing brands are you working with?
    We keep our clients' name, information, and styles private and will never share them with anyone no matter what. We also sign a strict agreement with our clietns that protect them and their revenues.
  • What is the best email to reach you and get faster replies?
    The best email with instant replies and excellent English communication is:
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